17/02/2014 : Recycle robot: Collaboration with TimeLab (ghent) 


Timelab (Fab Lab Ghent ) launched a project to design an open source recycle robot to recycle plastic scrap and to reuse it for 3D printing services.

We will help to document all technical knowledge in a collaborative way.

TimeLab info (in dutch)

Wiki project (in dutch)

12/02/2014 : Peer two Peer economy and manual design


The dutch blog site from the P2P foundation recognizes the importance to share knowledge and work towards a collaborative economic model. They wrote an article about our vision on knowledge sharing.

( in dutch ) P2P foundation

05/02/2014 : Openstructures grid and manual design 

Manual design and OS vision



The OpenStructures (OS) project initiates a construction system where everyone designs for everyone.

It is an ongoing experiment that wants to find out what happens if people design objects according to a shared modular grid, a common open standard that stimulates the exchange of parts, components, experiences and ideas and aspires to build things together.

More info: About Openstructures

10/01/2014 : Mobilotoop project : A vision on Mobility and collaboration with Autodesk

In this video, software and the Internet are used to make production and design knowledge more accessible. The manual in this example was created on the basis of the 3D CAD model, which was also used in the engineering phase. This model can be used by documentation designers to make different types of 3D CAD user manuals. Once the 3D CAD manual is finished, it is published on a free database, ready to be downloaded. It grants the user access to complex industrial knowledge, technical drawings, LCA reports and much more. The manual can easily be downloaded onto smart phones, tablets or PCs. Its easy accessibility opens up possibilities for a more collaborative ‘open’ production model. The example in the video is a DIY assembly manual for toys and a bike with modular parts. It is linked to the Belgian mobility project Mobilotoop


Design team:

Dustin Jacobus, Andrea de Chirico

TTI designed with the support from Autodesk a fully interactive 3D manual.

mobilotoop project


Link Autodesk blog:

Link Manual film: